About Us

The goal of our non-for-profit organization is to promote evidence based emergency department clinical practice at the levels of the individual patient encounter and institutional practice. Originating through a 2011 pilot project done in the State of Massachusetts, we now serve members in more than 11 states. We are proud to represent 32% of all academically affiliated EDs in the northeastern regional of the United States.

Our function is two-fold. First, we provide each member with a Comparative Data Report that benchmarks their departmental clinical processes and practice against those of, all other members, and peer emergency departments. Secondly, we database this cross-institutional data and study variability in process across emergency departments and the impact on patient care. We have particular interests in informing discussions of emergency care resource needs, understanding the impact of care processes on cardiovascular emergency patient outcomes, and creating knowledge to guide evidence based clinical-process innovation.

The Emergency Department Operations Study Group