The Emergency Department Operations Study Group is a multi-institutional research consortium committed to patient care processes in emergency medicine. Our mission is to facilitate the development of clinical operations research means, methods and knowledge in response to the health industry’s growing demand for system performance monitoring for improved care quality. Our members include a diversity of emergency departments including academic, community practice, large high volume and small rural critical access centers.

The Emergency Department Operations Study Group

We strive to better understand how process and practice variation, across institutions, impacts patient outcomes. Our approach involves a focus on the concept of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, where clinical practice and process changes are driven by the scientific evaluation of process metrics and patient outcomes data. We do this by collecting and disseminating comparative data across emergency departments, participating in the development of operations study design and research methods, advocating for standard data reporting, and serving as a data sharing network across emergency departments and performance measuring organizations.

Our focus is on high volume and resource intensive emergency department presentations with particular interest in the care processes of acute coronary syndrome and congestive heart failure patients. We promote and facilitate research projects in line with our mission.

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